Wireless Communication-Radio Frequency Research Building


The Science and Technology Campus Corporation (SciTech) was created in 1998 by The Ohio State University Board of Trustees to develop a science and technology based research park on the West Campus of the University. SciTech partners with The Ohio State University, the city of Columbus and the state of Ohio in providing space, research and development opportunities for new and existing high technology companies.

Located at an entryway to the research campus, the 40,580 sq.ft. laboratory and office building includes 21,857 sq.ft. of office space, six 2,100 sq.ft. laboratories for wireless communication and radio frequency research, and an additional 5,223 sq.ft. of breakout and support space. This building provides space for collaboration of industry and research in a campus setting. The building is clad in a blend of cast stone, with sunshades on the south and east sides.